RetroRocket Creations

Creating websites, backgrounds, wallpapers, graphic art and digital design & photo repair.

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Desktop wallpapers designed not to intrude on your working space. You have your icons spread out across your desktop and you need to find and click them quickly without hunting through a forest or city street scene looking for them.

Our wallpapers are clean, simple and don't hide your icons in visual chaos. Your icons are important to you above all else, your desktop wallpaper should be the last thing you look at when hunting for icons.

Choose from many styles and colors to suit your needs, just click on the Gallery tab above.


Our backgrounds are designed for websites. They are made to enhance your site and not intrude on your site's content. Our backgrounds don't hide your text or make it hard to read text, so your visitors can find and get what they need from your site without having to strain to read the site.

A good background will help your site pop out at your visitors and give it depth of field as well as soothe the eyes. We design backgrounds to work with black or white text only as colored text will 100% of the time conflict with many other backgrounds at some point.

Browse our backgrounds by clicking on the Gallery tab above.


Created by RocketWolf, you will find these fractals to be inspiring, moving, and creative. They are for you to enjoy here but some may be for sale as well. Check back often to see what's new and trending.

Browse the Gallery for fractal artwork.